The Los Panchos Story...

Thank you for becoming a part of our Los Panchos Family.

Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

(Picture taken at the 50th wedding anniversary of the founders. From left to right: Fernando, Benito, Gloria, Aurelio, Irma, Dora, Veronica)

At just 17 years old, Aurelio Fernandez migrated from Michoacán, Mexico to start a new life in the United States (1950's). He worked in the construction industry and saved every penny. As the years went on, his migration to the U.S. forced him to leave his wife Gloria and four children, Irma, Benito, Dora, and Susana. After many months of being a part, the family reunited when they moved to Denver, CO in 1972. Soon after they welcomed their fifth child, Veronica.

Eventually, in pursuit of new opportunities, they migrated to Pittsburg, CA in 1977, where their sixth child, Fernando, was born. Aurelio continued to work in the construction industry while Gloria took multiple positions as a cook in mexican restaurants. She brought her own style of authentic recipes that were clearly above and beyond the competition. Then, after years of hard work and leveraging their savings, they opened the first Los Panchos Restaurant in Pacheco in 1991. The name originated from a famous trio of musicians that were popular in the 1940's. 

With long hours and many personal sacrifices, the family laid the foundation for the Los Panchos Restaurant chain. The success is founded on the strong family values, authentic home-style cooking and a family oriented atmosphere.